From a young age, I was 
passionate about 2 things: 
Music and Entrepreneurship

It’s no coincidence that I earned my first money on the internet by selling my vinyl collection through a Dutch auction site in 2000.
I have a heart for music and a brain for business.
My first company was “RecordBuddy”, founded in 2001. This was Holland’s first online Hip-Hop LP store with customers from all over the world. I sold this company in 2007.

In the early years of my “Internet Marketing career” I bought and sold tens of thousands of products through sites like eBay and I’ve been an “eBay PowerSeller” for years. With this knowledge, I decided to write my first digital book, named “eBay PowerSellers”.

This is (as far as I know) the 2nd e-book ever sold in Holland. The first e-book seller became my biggest affiliate.

Around 2005 I thought there was a need for a suitable, Dutch e-mail marketing system. As an entrepreneur you have to “scratch the itch” and very quickly I became co-owner of Enormail, an e-mail marketing company. Its office is located in my own birthplace, Drachten.

After writing my first e-book, I needed a better system to automate the process of selling online products. The problem was that e-books weren’t yet sold in the Netherlands and there weren’t any suitable payment systems in place.

Therefor, I decided to start another new company, called PayPro. That gave me the opportunity to sell all kinds of digital products with ease, employ affiliates and help other entrepreneurs with the same problem.
PayPro is a “Payment Service Provider” and is founded in 2006 and is located in my former hometown, Groningen.

In those years, I launched lots of successful internet concepts – and even more unsuccessful ones. For years, I sold digital products in niche markets like e-books and online training programs and we started many SAAS (Software As A Service) solutions.

Because of my experience, I’m an often-asked speaker and I’ve shared the stage with speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Les Brown, Jan Peter Balkenende and many more and gave talks for thousands of people.

We also run large seminars here in Amsterdam where I reveal how to make your “Business Your Blessing”, live a “Life Filled With Life” and how to become “Peacefully Prolific”.  To get a feel of my events, check the video underneath 

Later I started founding more companies, especially SAAS companies including, an e-commerce platform where you can easily start your own online shop (already more than 25.000 registered accounts). Luondo is also located in Drachten, my place of birth.

Some of the other companies I own, a domain name and hosting company located in Purmerend., a SAAS solution where you can build your own website and funnels (exit in 2017). (translation: PaySocial). A SAAS solution for paying with Facebook likes, Tweets or Linkedin Shares.

All companies are being run by valuable partners who built these companies on their own strength through the years.

In 2012 I wrote my first physical bestseller, called “ – Succesvol Dankzij Internet”, a self-published Dutch bestseller which is still selling well.

Next to my role as an investor and advisor, I spend most of my work time on supporting entrepreneurs to earn more money, reserve more time for the things that are most important to them and experience more joy as an entrepreneur.

I completed multiple marathons, love strength training and travel multiple months per year all across the globe.

I would define myself as a “serial entrepreneur”. I’m ambitious but it will never be at the expense of my “lifestyle”.

The most important thing for me is to live a “Life filled with Life”, where I enjoy to surround myself with beautiful, special people.

Special people like my wife Danielle, my kids Dani, Otis & Ben, my friends in the Netherlands and the rest of the world, my great family and inspiring entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Dean Jackson, Elliott Hulse, Joe Polish and many more great friends.

Some random facts

While on Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s private island, I won a price worth $65.000, which granted me a one-week stay with Branson in his resort “Ulusaba”. I won this prize because my presentation was voted best presentation of the week. This “10 minute talk” was about my concept of “Internet Fasting”

I also created a magazine named “Necker Notes” with all the lessons and insights discovered on Sir Richard Branson’s private island. You can download these here

I have been together with my wife Danielle since 1996(!). We met each other on a camping in France. Danielle was 14 and I was 16 at that time.

I have a personal rule that when my mother calls, I take the call no matter the situation I’m in. Even when I’m presenting in front of thousands of people
I am a member of “GeniusX” a.k.a. the “100 K Group”, a group facilitated by my friend Joe Polish.
I spoke at the “Genius Network Annual Event” 2019. This is the most expensive ($10.000 per ticket) and exclusive 2 day event for high level entrepreneurs. 
I’m living in Amsterdam but have only visited a coffeeshop once, only because Ice-T and Coco insisted
I never built a website. I have 2 left hands and can’t drill a hole in a wall. I am also born without a sense of physical direction. Thank you Google Maps.  I love music, especially hiphop. 
123 Lessons for a 
Life filled with Life
I put most of my personal principles in a report called “123 Lessons for a Life filled with Life”. You can download my principles here!

Download 123 Lessons for a “Life filled with Life”
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